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Dana-Marie Bullock is a Jamaican-born abstract painter based in New York City. Following her studies in Social Work at the University of the West Indies, Bullock studied Fine Arts with a specialization in painting at The Art Students League of New York. Currently, she is a first-year MFA student in Painting and Drawing at Pratt Institute. Bullock has received multiple awards at various shows in New York City, along with media coverage in both the United States and Jamaica. In 2019, Bullock exhibited at the National Gallery of Jamaica and one of her works remains on display at the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport in Jamaica. Bullock’s body of work encompasses painting, photography, collage, and installation.



Artist Statement 


My practice investigates images as sites of group identity and unconscious communication. 


The body of work I’m currently developing retraces my experience growing up in Jamaica and explores aspects of Jamaican and Caribbean culture. Examining unconventional materials like zinc, burlap, and tapestry that are quietly embedded in Jamaican architecture, domestic life, and community, these works speak to upsetting gaps in wealth and gender equality that have long affected the island as well as the rich history of spiritualism and political resistance there.


Through research I will further explore the tensions and harmonies between Western, Eastern, African, and Black modes of representation and abstraction. Seeking to imagine a form of painting where the techniques, methods, and sensitivities latent in each of these traditions are integrated into a dynamic visual storytelling device, while creating a body of work that demonstrates unique combinations of each region's contributions to representational and non-representational painting. These new works will further explore her ongoing feminist interventions, which draw attention to topics like abortion, menstruation, illness, and sexuality.

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